Brightways Learning Training


Resilience is about having the ability and capacity to bounce back from adversity. Our ability to rebound affects how our unique body-mind “machine” of integrated systems operates - how we learn, how we interact with other people and our environment, how we act, how we make choices, etc.

Brightways Learning, in partnership with Transition Alaska, is offering two valuable workshops. Each workshop will:

• help teachers support their students’ resilience and strengthen their own

• include brief asynchronous learning (i.e., materials to review on your own time) + a 90-minute live session

• engage & support teachers in some exciting new student lessons to deliver starting later this month! 


#ConnectionMatters: Friday, February 19, 9:30-11:00am

Participants will learn “the story” of the Full-Color Web of Support, so they can easily explain this framework that applies to all students. We’ll demonstrate how to use the Transitions Alaska portal by completing some of the activities included in a related and engaging new student lesson. The lesson will help students understand the value of connecting with caring adults and some strategies for strengthening those relationships.

See the recorded training here.

The Empowered Mind: Thursday, March 4, 1:00-2:30pm

We’ll delve into how the brain makes decisions and can develop new skills and behaviors. These concepts are key ingredients for academic engagement and social-emotional growth. Learn an easy-to-apply framework for making and measuring decisions that is also featured in a second interactive student lesson offered through Transition Alaska.

See the recorded training here.